About Us

KEDF was established in 2008 in response to Kern County employers’ continued calls for a more well-prepared workforce.

Since 1988, Kern Economic Development Corporation has worked to fulfill their mission of creating and retaining jobs in Kern County. Each year, they spend hundreds of hours consulting with local companies to gain insight into their personal and industry-wide businesses needs. By 2008, one theme began to stand out above any other resource requested by business to help them grow; a qualified workforce with the soft skills to help carry their company forward. From general communications skills, to punctuality and appropriate dress, current and potential employees were lacking the traits necessary to become a valuable, long-term team member.

Thus KEDF was born the charitable sister organization to the Corporation. While the Corporation recruits new businesses to the community and assists existing businesses in overcoming barriers to growth, KEDF focuses on workforce development with high school mentoring and professional/personal growth programs for individuals, especially women. KEDF is especially committed to serving STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) fields, as they are the most vital economic drivers in the current and future economy.



Cheryl Scott
Executive Director


Courtney Ansolabehere
Foundation Coordinator


Dave Dmohowski
Dmohowski Consulting Services

Kristen Doud
Local Government Relations
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Jodi Loeffler
Assistant Principal of Curriculum
Bakersfield Adult School

Robert (Bob) Meadows
Vice President & Manager
Mission Bank

Carla Musser
Public Affairs Manager

Linda Parker
Wind & Solar Permitting Consultant
Kern Wind Energy Association

Bill Rector
Executive Director

Kristy Webb
Marketing Supervisor
Bakersfield Family Medical Center