KEDF is a research and education-based 501(c)(3) organization that supports Kern County businesses and communities in reaching their full economic potential.

Our Programs

Alliance of Medical Professionals (AMP)

The Alliance of Medical Professionals (AMP) Mentoring Initiative promotes innovation-centered education to increase opportunities for socially and economically disadvantaged high school students in health careers. The program aims to build a strong and qualified health care work force for the future by “growing our own” Kern County professionals.

Alliance of Women in Energy (AWE)

AWE is KEDF's pilot program to create educational and career mentoring for high school and college-aged girls in the energy and utilities field. It also provides curriculum and networking for local professional women.

East Kern Economic Alliance (EKEA)

EKEA promotes economic development in eastern Kern County. KEDF partners with EKEA, helping facilitate their meetings and assisting with economic research for business growth/retention as needed.